Firstly, big big big shouts to everyone who made Resonate awesome. Two days of mashing Art and Culture with Technology featuring some of the greatest artists, coders, designers and musicians around.




Karsten Schmidt

Spent the whole flight home (from Serbia) in the same cabin as one of the gods of processing, and if you ask my girlfriend, she’ll tell you I was acting like a 13 year old girl sat behind Justin Beiber. I don’t care, the guy is a legend. Valued at around $450,000, toxiclibs is a goto for coders, architects and designers wanting to get straight into utilising algorithms, colour theories, voxels etc in their work. I spent a bit of time at a workshop he was running on utilising the various tools that he has written for me, for you, for ‘free’! Karsten is also a huge believer in opensource software and talked in a panel along side Niklas Roy, Jürg Lehn and Jonathan Puckey. Great topics covered, with a little bit of heat arising between what defines using opensource as it should, or chiefing other peoples hard work.


Niklas Roy

The guy is nuts! Creating some of the craziest mechatronic installation devices ever. One device on show at resonate was his ‘Electronic Instant Camera’ which is, essentially, a camera with an onboard thermal printer. The most interesting part of the device is in fact its complete lack of RAM. At the heart of the device is an ATmega, with a mere 1kB of RAM, which makes storing the complete image impossible. Nikolas has gone about overcoming this shortfall by parsing the image data and printing it line by line, creating strange look monotone images.


Nicholas Felton

Ok, maybe slightly off topic, but who cares. Nicholas Felton is a graphic designer from the US who is best known for his ‘Feltron Reports’. Each year he produces amazingly beautiful infographics documenting his past year. Calculating everything from distance traveled to hotdogs eaten, he meticulously gathers data on himself non stop. He gave us all a small little insight into how he uses iCal to document everything, and more recently, got into documenting it all on a custom built iPhone app, as well as using SQL to query his data and Processing to help with drawing it.

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